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Best Books - 2021

Another year gone. It really feels like yesterday when I sat down with my laptop on my lap, looking back and reminiscing on all the lovely books I had the opportunity to read, writing down a similar post for 2020.

It is honestly scaring me a little, you know, as I type this. I mean, it just hit me now how time is literally flying by and there's so little i've done in this life that I actually enjoy, something that I actually wanted to do. ANYWAY, let's not fall down this rabbit hole. I will save you the trouble of having to read through my mental breakdown.

here's some of the books which I loved:

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray: started the year off with one of the best books I have ever held in my hands. A captivating story, which hooked me from the start to the very end. It was also the book which made me fall deeply in love with Oscar Wilde (I am very well aware of his death)

2. Anxious People: A brilliant portrayal of anxiety, shook me to my very core. A must read for those who suffer from it, but even better if those who don't struggle with it give it a read, so that they know what it's like.

3. The Song of Achilles: oh. my. god. This one is a pretty recent read, and I am in love. "And perhaps it is the greater grief after all, to be left on Earth when another is gone..." This quote still brings tears to my eyes.

4. The Importance of Being Earnest: One of Wilde's more famous plays, The Importance of Being Earnest was witty, deep and alluring. I also really enjoyed the mystery element of the book, so many twists and turns had me gasping every five pages.

5. Pachinko: This book is important to me because it's one which actually educated me a lot regarding the history of East Asia. Beautiful quotes and language, a must read.

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