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Books To Read This Summer

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Although my summer doesn't start for almost a month (insert crying emoji) yours probably has, and what better way to spend those long, breezy summer evenings than with a good book in your hand? Here's some books you can read to really get in those summer feels:

1. Love and Gelato

Love and Gelato is just as bubbly, romantic and sweet as it sounds. In this young adult novel by Jenna Evans Welch, the reader gets to go on a trip around Florence, Italy, with the main character Lina, who travels to Italy to find out about her mysterious father and her mother's past life in Italy. What better vacation spot than Florence, Italy - am I right? and you won't even have to get out of your bed or buy an expensive plane ticket for the ride. Jackpot.

2. The Lover's Guide to Rome

Firstly, I promise that this second book being set in Italy again is nothing but a coincidence. Secondly, this is too fun of a book for you to not read, so it had to be listed. I'm personally not a huge fan of romance books (but a romance subplot in a fantasy book? YES PLEASE), but this book was an exception. This gorgeous novel follows the story of three couples and their adventures in the eternal city of love. Writing this paragraph is definitely making me want to reread this book not gonna lie.

3. I'll Give you the Sun

Going outside in this heat will definitely give you a sunburn, so this radiant, delightful and entertaining, world acclaimed young adult novel is the only ray of sunshine you need! Noah and Jude Sweetwine are twins. As they enter their teen years, they grow apart. This is partly due to their sibling rivalry, as they compete for the attention of their mother, Dianna; and partly due to their struggle to be able to understand their separate identities.

4. Anne of Green Gable

Hearing the word 'classics' usually makes me anxious because classics require big brain energy (and god knows I don't have that) hence why I am suggesting you to read this one. Anne of Green Gables is a children's classic book which follows the story of Anne (shocking) who lives in Green Gables (really????) in Prince Edward Island. A fiery red headed orphaned girl ends up at the house of the two most boring siblings in the history of this universe. What happens next? Read the book to find out! It also has a Netflix show called "Anne with an E" and I seriously can't recommend it enough. So good!

5. The Cruel Prince Trilogy

Now, don't get me wrong, there is literally nothing summery about this book series. But I just need an excuse to talk about it because I would sell my soul to read this book series again for the first time. That's how much I love it. A fantasy story revolving around the myth of Fae, this book has everything you need: a plot, a strong female main character, the greatest enemies to lovers story ever, and Prince Cardan (this alone should be a good enough reason to read this series). Please read it so that we can fangirl over Jude and Cardan together.

6. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I am currently rereading this series for the third time in the last two years, and I feel absolutely no regrets. Percy Jackson is my only will to get through this exam season and I am so grateful for its existence. Please read this series this summer. If you don't find yourself wanting to reread it again the next summer, you can hold me accountable.


ANYWAY, that’s all I have for you today. Happy reading!

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